Capacitor for Enterprises

Powerful solution for mission-critical enterprise apps
across consumer and employee-facing
iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Apps.

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Enterprise mobile development, made easy

Meet your development goals with premium software and services that accelerate development and reduce project risk.

Build with confidence

Enjoy peace of mind knowing the native plugins you depend on are built and maintained by a team you can trust, and backed by mission-critical support and expert services.

Protect your users & data

Give your users the best possible mobile security, with advanced biometric authentication, SSO integration, and the latest in secure encrypted storage.

Accelerate your mobile projects

Save valuable time and effort that would normally be spent chasing plugins and building from scratch. Capacitor Enterprise delivers everything you need on Day 1.

World-class support

Get guaranteed response SLAs through the app lifecycle. Ionic's professional support team is on-hand to help you troubleshoot and address issues occurring at the native layer.

Stable, secure plugin library

Native features maintained by our team of native experts. Active subscribers get ongoing updates to supported plugins, to keep pace with OS and API changes, and evolving devices.

Pre-built solutions

Accelerate development with pre-built native solutions to common mobile use cases, like biometrics, authentication, and encrypted offline storage. Built by mobile experts. Deployed in minutes.

Expert help & guidance

Our team of native experts will work with you to define a native strategy that fits your unique goals and challenges. From architectural reviews to performance & security audits.

Key features

Premium software and services to help you reach your development goals

Core Device Plugins

Everything you need to deliver the core functionality your users expect, from essentials like camera and geolocation, to payments and security.

Biometrics Sign-in

Add a critical layer of protection width advanced biometrics that locks down sensitive data, by employing the latest in native security best practices.

Auth Integration

Easily connect through existing authentication providers, including Auth0, Azure Active Directory, and AWS Cognito--from any mobile device.

Secure Offline Storage

Deliver secure, offline-first mobile experiences with a flexible mobile storage solution that uses military-grade encryption to prevent unwanted access and secure user data.

Guaranteed SLA

Timely support and troubleshooting when you need it most. Get expert help directly from our team with guaranteed response times.

Guidance & Expertise

Ensure your team is utilizing best practices when adding native functionality, helping you meet your deadlines while avoiding costly tech debt.

Use Cases

Mission-critical projects

When your brand and company reputation are on the line, you need a solution that will work on Day 1. Capacitor Enterprise is a great fit for teams building mission-critical projects who want to minimize project risk and reach their goals.

Highly secure apps

Handling sensitive user or company data? Protect what matters most with advanced mobile security solutions that take advantage of the latest in native security best practices--from biometrics to military-grade encryption.

Accelerated timeline

Facing an aggressive release timeline? We can help. Our pre-built solutions will save you weeks or months of coding from scratch, while our native mobile experts can help you find ways to speed up development and better reach your goals.

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